Heavy Haul Exhibitions and Logistics

The heavy haul trucking industry is a huge and important one not only in the UK but in other parts of the world. To bring more recognition to this industry, there are often exhibitions that are held. Many of which the general public can attend. Almost anyone that is interested in heavy haul trucking will want to keep themselves aware of what these are:


Trucking events are so important that there are actual companies that just specialize in arranging for these types of events. This is important as these events bring awareness to the industry.

Trade Shows

These come under the categories of exhibitions. Heavy haul drivers get the opportunity to meet up with others in the same industry. Some of these trade shows include competitions while others don’t. Quite often, the truckers will bring their rigs all polished up to showcase them. For those who want a first-hand glimpse at some of the big custom rigs, the trade shows are the place to be.


Another big event that some like to attend is driving competitions. Some of these competitions include racing. The prizes can be quite substantial. At the very least, not only are they fun to compete in, but they are fun to watch.

Some of the competitions focus on driving skills. These are provided as a way to promote truck driving safety. Some of these events are so huge that they have a global attendance of over 350,000 participants. An example of this is the Scania Driver Competitions. The winner of these competitions gets accredited with being the best truck driver in Europe. Not to mention a possible prize purse of €100,000.

Some of the requirements of this competition are:

  • The drivers have to display defensive driving
  • Good judgment has to be showing
  • Dealing with emergencies

Competitors will be faced with multiple challenges such as precision driving along with live-saving measures and sustainable actions.