How to Ensure Operating License Is Not Revoked

Filling the forms to get an operator license for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is a long but necessary process. The drivers need to ensure that they promise to adhere to all the rules before they are entrusted with maintaining such a heavy duty vehicle. The rules are always the same for standard operators and restricted operators. Due diligence is observed not just for the safety of the other road users but also for the drivers who have to bear the realities of driving an HGV.

Ensuring the Operating License Is Not Revoked by Authorising Agents

If you do have a fleet of vehicles, or you are a company that deals with heavy trucks, some of the things you must comply with to keep the operating license include the following:

  • Ensuring all the vehicles are insured and the insurance is up to date.
  • Ensuring you have paid for all the taxes that you are obligated to.
  • Check that all the drivers you have hired have the licenses that permit them to drive HGVs.
  • Make sure that the vehicles in your company are road worthy and if they are being loaded, they should not exceed the limit.
  • The drivers should work within reasonable hours to avoid fatigue and stress that could otherwise lead to accidents.
  • The drivers should ensure that they have done the daily routine checks on the vehicles before they start their driving schedules. Vehicles that are found to be faulty should immediately be repaired and tested before being put on the road.
  • You should have an elaborate record on the last time the vehicles were checked and keep the records for at least 15 months.
  • Ensure you operate only in the areas where your operating license is valid.
  • Keep the officials updated on any change of finances such as bankruptcy.