Requirements for Getting an Operator License

If you are in the transportation business and you have a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV), then you need to get an operator license for you to be allowed to move with it across the regions. If you have regard to the rules and regulations, then getting an operators license should not be difficult.

Operators License Requirements

  • Owners should be of good repute: this means that they should not have been involved in illegal activities, and if they have served time, they should have shown that they are capable of reformation and are responsible citizens.
  • Should be financially stable: for business owners, they must show that they have enough savings and finances to run HGV vehicles and that the vehicles they have were legally acquired.
  • Due diligence in sourcing for employees: This applies to people who are hiring drivers and people who are managing the vehicles. They need to show that they did due diligence in hiring employees to work for them.
  • Suitable facilities to maintain the vehicle: People who are seeking the operator’s license must show that they are able to maintain the vehicles. They should show that they have facilities and staff members who can work on the vehicles to ensure that they are road worthy.
  • Capable of ensuring staff obeys the rules: It is not enough to know the history of the staff members. It is also important that as businesses are seeking operators license, the owner is able to show that they and the members of staff are capable of obeying the rules. This ranges from regulations on the road to personal discipline.

Getting the Standard License

  • The applicant must have documents that show they are established in Great Britain.
  • Should have a manager who is professional and has a good reputation.
  • The holder of the license should own at least one vehicle.